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As a yogi, I'm on the move frequently during the day and try to limit my time on my phone when I'm in studio space. Drop me a line and I'll make sure to respond to you within 2 business days. #peace

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FitGirl Wellness provides health and wellness coaching for people looking to live a fit, healthy and balanced life – but may not know how to get there.



Teaching Styles


Vinyasa = "breath to movement"
Kat specializes in a vinyasa style form of yoga, which introduces postures with proper alignment and then links them together in a flow, powered by breath. Kat offers creative sequences and transitions, backed by soul pumping music to allow her students to find a beautiful, moving meditation.

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Kat's yoga training was focused on Iyengar-based alignment principles and utilizes prop support in a variety of postures. She also completed an additional 200 hours of anatomy training in New York with Dr. Eric Franklin, creator of the Franklin Method, which focuses on dynamic imagery and anatomical embodiment of movement. (In other words, what should your pelvis be doing in a forward fold or backbend?)

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Going upside down is FUN - and Kat loves to teach people how to incorporate things like headstands, handstands and arm balances into their practice. Creating a safe and encouraging environment, Kat's favorite part of teaching is to get people into their first inversion and feel the amazing freedom and POWER of what their body is capable of! 


Yin yoga

Kat's guilty yoga pleasure is Yin. "There is nothing more relaxing than being propped up by bolsters and blankets in a cozy candlelit room." Kat specializes in teaching both restorative and yin yoga, which is an amazing opportunity to unwind and surrender to a more gentle style of yoga.


SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard

Kat is a WPA certified Paddleboard instructor and loves taking her class to the water in the summertime and on yoga retreats. "SUP yoga is a great way to work on balance, strengthen your core and surrender to the peace of the water."